As a freelance Executive Assistant, I can provide interim on-site support. This can be particularly useful as you search for permanent support, or  when you need temporary support during your assistant’s maternity or family leave.  I offer a variety of administrative and secretarial services, for example:

  • planning of complex calendar(s)
  • organizing (international) business trips
  • preparing presentations using PowerPoint and Prezi
  • (international) conferences and employee events
  • administration of invoices, expense claims
  • HR tasks
  • ordering of office supplies

At the same time, I can also provide virtual, off-site support to entrepreneurs, especially those who are ready to grow their business but are constrained by time limits.  As a Virtual Assistant, I can take on your administrative tasks. This will enable you to free up time to focus on growing your core business. As a Virtual Assistant, I can provide:

  • online calendar planning
  • email handling
  • coordination and planning of meetings and events
  • review and editing of text
  • digital archiving
  • ordering of office supplies
  • follow-up on outstanding invoices
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